Without You Here

5, April 2011 at 10:01 PM (sad or sorry for myself) ()

I feel so empty as the plane takes off
I see the ground below
I know that one day, it won’t be long
That you will also know
Just how it feels to leave you now

A hollow shell, a broken bow
I feel so empty high in the air
Where Heaven’s meant to be,
The distance gets me when I’m on my own
Without you here with me

My world is turning but it’s upside down
Now you’re so far away
While you are learning
How this world spins round
I’m in some other day

What can I do
But give my heart
From far away
A distant spark

I feel a challenge for both you and I
That’s how it has to be
In life there’s balance
I hope time will fly
Without you here with me

What I am hoping for as life moves on
And we reach finer years
We won’t be thinking of the time that’s gone
Or wading through our tears

We’ll smile as one
And speak with pride
How life has swung
Back on our side

I feel tomorrow can’t come by too soon
To bring you back to see
That love will follow like the red balloon
And you’ll come home to me
I want you here with me



1 Comment

  1. distant spark said,

    I have never heard this song, so I don’t know if I even like it or not. I came across it while searching for some David Bowie lyric that was in my head that I couldn’t identify. Rather bizarrely accurate for today, as well as almost impossibly coincidental that this would be by Squeeze: we used to listen to “45’s and Under” a ridiculous lot, more than any other album I owned.

    And thus this blog’s url: distant spark. Everything else I tried was taken anyways! 😛

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